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Claims: UK Insurance Labour Market Trends

The insurance industry protects the world’s people, homes and businesses. Those who buy insurance do not have much more exposure to the industry until an event that requires a claim. It is only then they encounter the experienced professionals who are responsible for advising, guiding and negotiating to return the policyholder or third party to their pre-loss position as quickly and efficien...

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Report: Year in Review

The insurance and financial services industry protects the world’s people, homes and businesses and in the UK currently employs in excess of 321,000 skilled individuals. During 2022 the sector saw an unprecedented number of vacancy postings and in niche areas of wage inflation.
The trading environment within the insurance sector remained highly competitive. Many technically skilled employee...

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Is Hybrid Working, working?

Since we were thrown into unchartered territory due to COVID 19, industries across the world were suddenly forced to shift their working patterns and acclimatise to a new way of working. New systems were implemented, new ways of meeting people were introduced, and new ways of operating businesses were founded.
As a well-established Insurance and Finance Recruitment Agency, we, at Harrison Holgate...

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Team Brit

For the 2022 season Harrison Holgate are proud to be sponsoring two Team Brit drivers, Bobby Trundley and Aaron Morgan. Both Aaron and Bobby will drive the team’s brand new Mclaren 570S GT4 in the British GT Championship. Team Brit Drivers

Team BRIT is a competitive motor racing team consisting of disabled drivers.  
They are a competitive racing team, not a charity, ...

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Harrison Holgate partner with Diverse-City Think Tank: Accessing Minorities

One way of bridging the trust gap between minorities and senior management referenced in Lloyd’s second annual culture survey, is to increase the disproportionate under representation of Black, Asian, Minority Ethnics and other marginalised groups in senior management roles, positions of influence and at the entry level. This begs the question:
Is Insurance being as effective as it can be i...

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Harrison Holgate partner with Diverse-City Think Tank: Code Switching

"I was learning how to make myself more digestible... I wasn't being my most authentic self." - Amanda Stenberg on Code-Switching

Code switching is making tactical or strategic personality changes to fit in and/ or advance your career i.e. switching the way you talk, your accent, language, your disposition depending on social or cultural context. I hear similar comments to the above being made ...

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Harrison Holgate partner with Diverse-City Think Tank

"A comment I frequently hear is that it’s about competence, not gender or race."

These comments often come from senior people from the targeted minority groups who have "made it" to positions of prominence. Their journeys and perspective are crucial to understanding the issue and if I could I would want to ask them to talk about their previous family members, managers and leaders that hel...

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What are you choosing to challenge?

Coming to the end of international women’s week I have been reflecting on the progress we have made in creating true gender equality and the work that still needs to be done.
Why is diversity important?

Diverse companies are more innovative
Employees are more attracted to diverse companies and factor this into their search
Diversity helps the bottom line (I will share a stat with you l...

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Data Trends

Collecting and understanding data is the first step to making any changes. We have been using data at Harrison Holgate to understand the trends and support our clients make changes.
As we saw from the insights given in yesterday’s blog, the insurance market has been needing to go through a major change to create an inclusive culture for women, especially into senior leadership roles. The fi...

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How Harrison Holgate can help with D&I and Equal Opportunities

As a business, Harrison Holgate has not only been raising awareness of the benefits but also have been leading by example within the insurance market. Our MD Matt has been waving the D&I flag from the front:

"The last five years has definitely seen an increased push and focus on inclusion and the aims of companies to increase their hiring policies to attract from a diverse pool of talent.

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Filling the gaps in equal opportunities: What can we do?

Return to work
According to the Office for National Statistics, the good news is that before the pandemic “more than three-quarters of mothers were in work, a record high for the UK”. This has been through providing more flexibility to return to work mums as well as having shared parental leave plans allowing for working mothers to return to work sooner. However, research also shows t...

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What does International Women's Day mean to you?

To me, this day means two things. Firstly, it is a platform to celebrate women's achievements without regard to divisions - national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic, or political. Secondly, it is an opportunity to raise awareness of gender equality and parity, driving us all to think about the change needed to create an inclusive world.
My journey was pretty normal
Being part of diversit...

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COVID-19 UPDATE: How to contact us during the lockdown

In these difficult and uncertain times following the outbreak of Covid-19, we hope that your families, loved-ones and colleagues are able to remain healthy and safe.
Harrison Holgate has worked hard to protect the welfare and wellbeing of its staff and is consequently following Government guidance, adopting a fully remote and flexible working approach. Harrison Holgate remains fully operational a...

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